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Nutrition, weight loss, and healthy eating advice from national renowned nutrition expert Dr. Mike Roussell. Dr. Mike is a nutrition advisor for both Men’s Health and Shape Magazines and has authored multiple nutrition and weight loss books. On The Dr. Mike Show, along with his co-host Chris Dominello, Dr. Mike interviews nutrition and fitness experts and researchers from across the country - giving you the practical health, nutrition, and wellness tips that you need to optimization your health journey. Visit for links to everything mentioned in each show along with additional free nutrition and fat loss resources.
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Sep 26, 2018

Joe Dowdell is a personal trainer and strength coach who is also one of the most highly sought-after fitness experts in the industry. He owns Dowdell Fitness Systems, an online coaching platform that seeks to help clients get to the next level of their fitness journey. He has helped CEOs, supermodels, celebrities, musicians, and athletes get healthier bodies that changed their lives forever. His robust clientele is only matched by his robust certifications that include certificates from the NSCA, NASM, USAW, and ACE.


Joe joins me today to share his wisdom on fitness and how we can improve on what we currently know about it. He discusses the importance of looking at fitness from a client’s perspective and why recommending a training program involves logistics and a practical mindset. He explains the difference between how men and women look at exercise and strength and the difference between training and working out. He also shares his thoughts on group fitness classes, how programs like CrossFit has changed the fitness scene and offers tips on getting more out of your program without overtraining.


“There's a lot of psychological positivity that comes from being stronger.” - Joe Dowdell


This week on the Dr. Mike Show:


  • How Joe trains women and why it's more effective than most approaches.
  • The difference between how men and women look at fitness.
  • How he introduces new training methods and concepts to clients.
  • His definition of significant weight resistance.
  • The most important factor for fat loss training.
  • How he tailors exercises to his clients' needs.
  • Why people aren't getting the results they want with some programs.
  • The difference between working out and training.
  • How to recover from missing out on training and overtraining.
  • The importance of knowing what you want to do when you step into the gym.
  • CrossFit and the effects of group fitness classes.
  • How his training evolved over the years and his current fitness routine today.
  • Longevity and what Joe recommends to live a long and healthy life.


 Resources Mentioned:


  • SPARK book by Dr. John J. Ratey


Connect with Joe Dowdell:



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