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Nutrition, weight loss, and healthy eating advice from national renowned nutrition expert Dr. Mike Roussell. Dr. Mike is a nutrition advisor for both Men’s Health and Shape Magazines and has authored multiple nutrition and weight loss books. On The Dr. Mike Show, along with his co-host Chris Dominello, Dr. Mike interviews nutrition and fitness experts and researchers from across the country - giving you the practical health, nutrition, and wellness tips that you need to optimization your health journey. Visit for links to everything mentioned in each show along with additional free nutrition and fat loss resources.
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Aug 15, 2018


Welcome to part three of the MetaShred diet deep dive series - the series that provides an inside glimpse of the philosophy and mission behind the MetaShred diet and how it can help you lose weight quickly, safely, and effectively.


On today’s episode, I share lifestyle X-factors - the things you can do each day - to maximize fat loss. I explain what rate limiting steps are and how they impact your ability to lose weight and the connection between sleep deprivation, stress management, and your metabolism. I also explain how nutrition audibles, S.O.S. breathing techniques, and creating a “fat loss culture” can help you take the brakes off and remove rate-limiting steps that are preventing you from achieving your weight loss goals so you can accelerate your fat loss.

“Oftentimes, you have all of your diet stuff dialed-in, but it’s some of the lifestyle factors that are hindering you.” - Dr. Mike Roussell

This week on the Dr. Mike Show:


  • What the “rate-limiting step” is and how it relates to weight loss.
  • How sleep impacts your metabolism and your ability to lose weight.
  • How much sleep your body needs to improve your metabolism.
  • How to optimize your sleep schedule.
  • The difference between physiological hunger, stress-induced hunger, and sleep deprivation-induced hunger.
  • How chronic stress impacts your metabolism, appetite, and ability to lose weight.
  • What is “stress inoculation” and how it can help you cope and reduce stress.
  • What nutrition audibles are and how they helps you maintain your fat loss diet program during unexpected meal plan changes.
  • The concept of “surfing the urge” and how it helps you overcome the urge to derail your weight loss plan.
  • How the S.O.S. Breathing technique helps you manage stress so you can stay on track with your weight loss program.
  • Understanding “fat loss cultures” and why it is critical for getting the support you need to lose weight successfully.


Resources Mentioned:


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