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Aug 29, 2018


Greg Hammond is the director of Motor and Action Sports at Concept2, a sports and fitness manufacturing company based in Morrisville, Vermont and most recognized for their rowing and “erg” products. He was first introduced to the company and the erg products while attending college to obtain his bachelor’s degree in Health Science. Since 1996, he has worked closely with the motocross, mixed martial arts, and CrossFit markets as well as multiple police and fire departments.


Greg joins me today to share his journey into CrossFit and using BikeErgs and SkiErgs to improve his workout routine. He shares how he became inspired to start his fitness journey and what it was like to attend one of the first Level 1 CrossFit seminars. He also shares why it’s important for people to remain diligent and dedicated to getting fit and healthy - even if they do not see the immediate results they desire - as well as how new athletes and fitness enthusiasts can easily incorporate fitness into their lifestyle to improve their health.


“Everyone’s got to find what their goal is and use that to get them started, then maybe shift it to something that is more appropriate later.” - Greg Hammond

This week on the Dr. Mike Show:


  • His experience with CrossFit training.
  • The history of Concept2’s rowing products.
  • How he became interested in fitness.
  • The impact that CrossFit enthusiasts have had on the growing popularity of rowing machines and SkiErgs.
  • His experience with attending one of the first Level 1 CrossFit seminars.
  • How his fitness goals and perspective have evolved over the years.
  • Lessons he has learned from working with high-performing athletes.
  • Unique characteristics of top performing athletes.
  • The importance of striving to improve y our health and fitness - even if you don’t achieve all of your fitness goals.
  • The origin story of the SkiErg.
  • How the SkiErg gained popularity throughout the fitness industry.
  • Why he enjoys using the SkiErg during his workouts.
  • Types of workouts you can do while using the SkiErg and BikeErg.
  • Tips for fitness beginners using the SkiErg and BikeErg products.


Connect with Greg Hammond:


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